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Perjantai (CD) 159,50

EBM followers: rejoice! The Finns Oldschool Union returned to drag you again in their exciting techno-EBM vortex. After the success obtained with the previous album "Älä Ole, Elä!, Seppo and Janne break again into the scene, offering to the fans a new, full-length load of energy and irreverent lyrics, respecting all the traditional dogmas of the best early-Electronic Body Music. On the seventeen tracks of "Perjantai" you can listen to formulations saturated of impetus and discipline, expressed through the traditional music scheme that propagates super bass-lines, rigid sections of drum-programming, linear sequenced trails and aggressive vocals, in a dynamic and compact set of sounds that will compel you to dance for hours and hours, testing your physical strength. Decisiveness and movement they combine perfectly, creating today as a time those sparks of pure electronic vitality that made so unique and evergreen the post-NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle), a style that finds in Oldschool Union a solid point of reference. The album was mixed and mastered by Dirk Steyer (ACCESSORY!). Warm up your muscles and get ready to run amok at the rhythm of one of the most amazing EBM release of this first part of 2016.

Ultra (CD/2CD) 159,50/199,50

With their most versatile album to date, the Berlin-based group OST+FRONT delivers a milestone in hard, German-language Industrial Rock. With this collection of new songs, the Berlin-based group is nothing less than a groundbreaker, renovator and innovator for modern hard German-language Tanzmetal. Sporting a radically enhanced musical spectrum while never losing the trademark OST+FRONT identity, the lads are tearing down stylistic borders, climbing anthemic peaks, keenly balancing brutality with emotion and fathoming a considerable hit potential from the wide open space between Electronica, Metal and Industrial. The group still likes to hit it where it hurts and remains an expert in wrapping caustic satire in massive, yet catchy tunes, but, this time around, OST+FRONT have spiced up their volatile sonic cocktail with more versatile ingredients than ever. Furthermore, "Ultra" is graced by some exquisite guest stars, such as Erk Aicrag (Hocico, Rabia Sorda) and B.Deutung (ex-Inchtabokatables, Deine Lakaien). The eagerly expected third OST+FRONT album is also available as a deluxe double CD version featuring 6 additional exclusive tracks / remixes!

Parade Ground [The singles collection] (CD) 159,50

Finally! Much demanded for years, Dirk Ivens and Parade Ground finally gave in to the big demand and released this CD, that features the complete single collection from 1983 until 1987, including all 18 tracks from the hard to find vinyl releases 'Moan on the Sly' 1983 / 'Man in a Trance' 1984 / 'Took Advantage' 1985 / 'Dual Perspective' 1987 and 'Strange World' 1987. Guest appearances by Flo Sullivan (backing vocals), Pierre Bizoux (syndrums) and Eric Sleichim (sax). Production and additional instruments by Daniel B. and Patrick Codenys (FRONT 242), Colin Newman (WIRE) and Bruno Donini. Sleeve design by Dirk Ivens and Peter Mastbooms and fully remastered by Eric van Wonterghem.

Strange Culture / Rivers of Hades / Haeckel's Tale (2CD) 229,50

Residents music from 2007: Strange Culture (OST): In 2007 director/artist Lynn Hersh-man-Leeson heard of a strange situation of an artist being arrested as a bioterrorist due to the fact that his "art" used harmless mold. She gathered a number of friends to make a film to bring more attention to the artist's plight. Among the friends were Tilda Swinton and The Residents who had worked with Ms Hershman on her previous film. The Rivers of Hades: An aural art piece, 'Chaos is not just a Theory', was written by The Residents to accompany the release of The Residents' toy figures designed by Steve Cerio. The sound installation was not included in the final gallery presentation, however. The essence of the much larger project was reduced to this piece, The Rivers of Hades. Haeckel's Tale: The Showtime Channel has a long running horror TV series, Masters of Horror. The season included a Clive Barker story, Haeckel's Tale. Director, John McNaughton (Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer), was employed to oversee the project. McNaughton called in The Residents to score the film. For unknown reasons, the score was not used for the broadcast. Of these 3 projects, overseen by Charles Bobuck, only The Rivers of Hades has been released on CDr in an extremely limited fan edition. This is the first release of Haeckel's Tale and Strange Culture on CD.

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