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Separation (CD/LP) 159,50/199,50

Limited edition Vinyl of strictly 300 copies only! HAUL, latest signing on Progress Productions offers compact, uncompromising industrial darkness with one foot in the postpunk scene. It´s not really easy to describe the music that HAUL create but one thing is for sure no other Swedish band sounds like it! Everything is drenched in black! From the bass, drums to the hard distinct vocals. A landscape beyond darkness. It does not matter if you are a fan of My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division, SPK, Einstürzende Neubauten, She Past Away, The KVB or even Sisters Of Mercy. You will find what you seek in HAUL!

Somebody Else's Dream (MCD) 99,50

The EP (over 44 minutes!) is a very emotional track called "Somebody Else's Dream" - Next to remixes by Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Paradise Lost, Fear Factory) and Dirk Krause (Armageddon Dildos, Retro Adapter), a non-album track as well as a previously unreleased version of ISC's cult song "Seven Lives" are included - Moreover, the band shines again with an exceptional video clip, also available in the data section of the CD.

Anyway (CD) 199,50

A massive return after a gap of 23 years for Thomas Lüdke's legendary 80s EBM electro project! Every true EBM fan remembers the highly infective hits such as 'Make a Devide', 'Devil Dance', 'Contact' or the immortal 'Push!'. The new album has 17 songs. It is a very diverse collection in which almost every electronic genre is explored. It rarely happens, but even if the number of tracks is extremely high, they almost all have the same (high) level. The Invincible Spirit is not "a band of the past". At the contrary, Anyway is one of the best records of the genre at the moment!

Cultural Bleeding (CD) 159,50

Limited and hand-numbered edition of 500 copies! Highly recommended new Minimal Cold Wave release from one of the most gifted female Artists of this genre! 'Cultural Bleeding' is the third full-length solo album by the Minimal Synth artist, that looks back on quite a few highly regarded releases in the Minimal Electro scene with her band 'Paradox Obscur'. 'Cultural Bleeding' presents 9 all new songs of ethereal dark melodies crafted with synthesizers performed in real-time action. Having studies in classical terms of music, in the year 2007 Kriistal Ann decides to become member of the dark wave/gothic band 'Resistance Of Independent Music' and took the main role as a lead singer but also contributed in the compositions by applying her skills with beautiful eerie melodies. After releasing 2 albums & various EPs with R.O.I.M. and performing her first live shows with the band, in 2013 she decides to start her personal solo project with the aim to extend the horizons of sound, through the inner stirrings and emotional changes that occur in the soul of every human being, which is affected by its environment, seasons and the culture in which he lives in. Early in 2014 she creates with her partner Toxic Razor the minimal synth band 'Paradox Obscur' which was a trigger for expansion and interaction with the public and other artists… Since then she developed several sound channels and created several projects such as Toyotomi, influenced by the culture of the 80s, and the project Sine Silex, based on electronic - experimental sounds with atmospheric landscapes. Her main activity is music, photography, poetry and selected collaborations based on mutual respect, professionalism and the love for art.

Thing That Were (2CD) 299,50

'Things that were' is a limited, special heavy deluxe 2CD Digibook edition of the earliest Lustmord recordings. The 2CDs by the godfather of Dark Ambient/Industrial, Brian Lustmord, puts its focus on the very early works, recorded between 1980-83, including a lot of previously unreleased material and the very first Lustmord recordings of all, in their very own, primitive glory.

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