How to order

You can order by phone, letter or e-mail.

Please note: Some titles may be temporarily out of stock, but I normally get it back again within a week or two. You are bound to made orders and there are no minimum orders.

How to pay

  • I don't accept cheques
  • Payment on delivery do only apply to Norway
  • Pre-payment: please contact us to make sure items ordered are in stock and for calculating P & P etc.

  • PayPal address:

    If you're using SWIFT, there will be an extra charge of 35 NOK.

    Bank information:

    IBAN code NO 3805400736547
    Accountnr: 05400736547
    Bank: Postbanken 0021
    Oslo, Norway

  • Cash in a registered (recommended) envelope is also accepted


All records are guaranteed. If any item has a defect I'm more than pleased to replace it for a new one when you have returned the defect item. All return items must be authorized by me before you send it. Please contact me for instructions!


New records are distinguishable from second hand records by the two last digits of the price:
  • New records cost 149,50 - 99,50 - 49,50 etc.
  • Second hand records cost 150.00 - 90,00 - 40.00 etc.
All prices are in Norwegian currency and do not include postal fees.

List of abbreviations

  • C/V = Coloured vinyl
  • MAG = Magazine
  • P/S = Picture Sleeve
  • BKL = Booklet
  • D/C = Damaged Cover
  • BAD = Badge
  • P/D = Picture disc
  • LS = Long Sleeve
  • F/C = Front cover
  • TS = T-shirt
  • S/T = Same title
  • W = Worn
  • S/S = Some scratches
That's all for now, hope to hear from you soon ! Regards,

Stefan Rosell